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  • Haleh Allahverdi

Marketing Strategies for Child Care Services

Putting in place a child care marketing strategy is often thought of as a time consuming and expensive process that educators, leaders and directors often only want to focus on 1 or 2 times a year …then complain when nothing seems to work and the vacancies remain!

To keep your family day care service or early learning centre viable, enrolments consistent, and at the very top of the ‘services to visit’ list when families and carers begin the important journey of looking for childcare you need to put in place an ongoing marketing strategy that has you regularly standing out from the crowd with a healthy waiting list!

How to create a Child Care Marketing Strategy

Use the free marketing plan template you can download by clicking or tapping on the image above to begin creating your own plan as we move through the steps and strategies.

Identify your best target market & what they need.

Think about your community and current families enrolled and using your service.

What is the average age range? What are the family dynamics?

What is the breakdown and ratio of working v non working v studying v shift work parents?

Why do they need care?

What do they value?

What is the average income level?

Do they tend to regularly use 1-3 days or 5-7 days of care?

Consider surveying current service users to gain better insights.

8 Simple Ways to develop your brand for a Child Care Marketing strategy

Design a logo that means something to you and reflects your service (or get one done for you online – places like Fiverr offer very cost effective design services). I wanted mine to reflect my love of outdoor play and nature.

Use this logo on EVERYTHING. See further below for actual promotion ideas and lots of ways you can get that logo and recognition of your brand out there!

Create a tagline that helps to explain your purpose, service and philosophy succintly and is able to be read quickly. Keep it short – we don’t want a story about you here!

Choose 2-3 type fonts that you aim to use on promotional and communication materials all of the time.

Choose and stick to a basic colour theme – try to keep it to 3-4 colours at the most.

Think about ways you can inject some of your personality into your brand (very important for family day care educators!) This might be through the newsletters or communication tools you use or perhaps the images and fonts you choose as part of your brand template.What message do you want to send out everytime you are promoting or communicating with others?

Stick to one style of images that will become synonymous with your brand – perhaps you always add your brand colours to label the photo or perhaps you always use photos, not clipart. You get the idea- think of ways that someone might look at your add, brochure or card and immediately connect and know who you are.

Always review and evaluate whether your image and brand is consistent across all marketing tools – your centre or home signage, logos, business name etc.

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