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  • Haleh Allahverdi


In a study conducted by RealSelf – a community-driven website composed of reviews, rankings, before-and-after photos, and other general information about aesthetics medicine and cosmetic treatments – they found that when a cosmetic doctor has very limited information online, 38% of people viewed that doctor as outdated, while 16% of people believed the doctor may even be hiding something.

And if that’s not enough, here are 4 additional reasons why your aesthetic practice needs digital marketing:

Establish Your Medical Authority. Digital marketing can help establish your medical authority by positioning you as an expert in your industry. Writing blogs, sharing patient testimonials, posting before-and-after photos and participating in online forums/review websites all contribute to how prospective patients view you and your practice.

Develop Your Identity.  According to Tom Seery, founder and CEO of RealSelf, “a doctor’s online performance rating is directly proportional to their level of activity in posting expert insights and engagement of patients in sharing their reviews and testimonials.” Not only can having a digital marketing strategy help establish your authority, but it can also establish trust and open a channel of communication between you and prospect patients before they enter your practice.

Enhance Patient Experience. Your patients will undoubtedly visit your website and social network profiles to determine whether your practice and your services are the best fit for them. So it is important that the experience you provide your patients as they browse your website and social media profiles match the experience they will receive at your practice. Things like having a responsive, mobile-friendly website can indicate that you are up-to-date and utilize the latest technology in every aspect of your practice.

Attract New Patients. Implementing a digital marketing strategy can help improve your search engine ranking, meaning that prospective patients searching for the type of services you provide are more likely to find you. Additionally, having an active online presence can also keep you at the forefront of your patient’s mind, allowing you to update them on the industry’s latest treatments and procedures.

Whether you’re a cosmetic dermatologist, plastic surgeon, hair transplant doctor or medical spa owner, digital marketing can help you reach your targeted audience. Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your aesthetic practice.

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