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Market Research

& Consumers' Insights

MWG offers a full-service qualitative and quantitative research, fieldwork, data collection and strategy research. Our research solutions include product research, new product development research, amazon competition reporting, pricing research, competition strategy research and consumer surveys. Our services include recruitment, project management, fieldwork, data collection, interviewing, analysis and reporting. Uniquely, MWG has a strategy research unit providing market sizing, market opportunity and entry strategy, bench-marking and competitive intelligence. 


Market Research

Even you have been in the market for long or you are new to the market, market research help you know your market.

Online Sales & Marketing Research

How does your product perform on online sales? How do your competitors sell?Which platform work best for your sales?

Consumers' Insights

How do consumers like your product? What do they think of your product? How can you improve it?

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Do you want to send out surveys to your customers/clients? Do you want to ask them how you serve?

Competition Research

How do competitors perform on the same product as yours? What is their selling strategy? How do they prompt their product?

Digital Reputation Analysis

How does your brand perform online? What is the deal with bad reviews? How to get over bad reviews?

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List of Market Research Services
  • Quantitative Analysis

  • Qualitative Analysis

  • Online and Print Surveys

  • Social Media Performance Evaluation

  • Web Analytics

  • Market Analysis

  • Competition analysis

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Consumers' Insight

  • Amazon Market Research

  • Product Research 

  • New Product Opportunity Research

  • Online Competition Research

  • Digital Strategy Trend Research

  • Social Media Tracking

  • Digital Media Analytics

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